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Once uploaded to the website, your visualisation will be 'in review'. We call this the visualisation status.

There are two places where you can view the visualisation status in the visualisation management environment: in the 'Overview' tab and in the 'Versions' tab. Below are listed the different statuses a visualisation can have.

In Review

A newly uploaded visualisation, or new version of a visualisation, that has not yet been reviewed. This visualisation cannot be published on the website yet - it does not appear in the 'Teach' environment. If there is a previously approved version of your visualisation, this will remain the published version of your visualisation whilst your latest version is in review. You can include your own visualisations that are in review in a Collection (which cannot be published yet), but others will not be able to include 'In Review' visualisations in their Collections.

If your visualisation is in review, make sure you have appointed reviewers.

In order for your visualisation to progress to 'Approved', it needs to have been reviewed by at least one staff member and all reviewers need to have finished their reviews. Read here how to check on the review status of your visualisation.

Changes Requested

A visualisation that has been reviewed by all reviewers and has high-priority issues recorded.

A visualisation that has changes requested cannot be published on the website. The high-priority issues will need to be addressed and a new version uploaded to the website. This new version will then once again has an 'In Review' status.


A visualisation that has been approved by all reviewers, including one staff member, but not yet published on the website.

When a visualisation (version) is first approved, it is automatically published and its status updated accordingly. Therefore your visualisation status will only show as 'approved' if someone has actively unpublished the visualisation.

Approved visualisations can be included in Collections by any user with instructor or creator permissions.

Previously Approved

This status will only appear in the 'Versions' tab of your visualisation management environment. It is used for any versions of your visualisation that were approved but are not the latest version to be approved.


A visualisation that has been approved and is shown on the 'Teach' environment of the website. This will happen automatically when a visualisation (or new version) is first approved. However, you can unpublish your visualisation if you wish to - the status will then be reduced to 'Approved' but it will not show up on the 'Teach' environment. Note however that it can still be included in Collections on the 'Learn' environment; if it is part of a Collection, unpublishing will not remove it from this Collection.