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This Wiki is our 'dynamic knowledgebase'. Here you can find out everything about how we work together, as well as guidance to help you design and develop your own interactive visualisations. Most of the Wiki is only visible to users who are logged in (see link at top right of this page). If you are signed up to the ImpVis website, you will automatically have an associated Wiki account with username of the format FirstnameLastname as entered during your ImpVis registration, with the same password as for the ImpVis website.

You can read more about ImpVis below, or skip straight to the Wiki content, which you can also access directly from the sidebar from any page.

Welcome to ImpVis!

ImpVis is a staff-student partnership project to create interactive online visualisations on abstract concepts. Each visualisation is developed for implementation within a particular Higher Education STEM module - staff and students work in partnership to achieve the most effective educational design.

Our mission

Interactive visualisations are excellent learning tools to help students gain an intuitive understanding of abstract concepts. However, as an instructor it can be hard to find visualisations that fit your module just right, aligning with your own intended learning outcomes. The ImpVis visualisations are all designed based on specific learning goals and co-created by staff and students. This gives our team insight into how students learn the material, resulting in visualisations that are a good fit for both the module content and their audience. Working in partnership benefits our team members too: staff have a better understanding of their learners and students integrate better in the academic community, whilst picking up a wide range of professional skills. Best of all is the outcome: seeing learners put your joint product to good use!

Joining ImpVis

Every visualisation starts with an idea. Perhaps you are an instructor who has identified the need for a learning tool that helps students understand a specific abstract concept in your module. Or a student who has thought of a way to visualise a topic in one of your modules in order to understand it better, or simply want to get involved in a fun coding project!

In either case, the first step is to create an account on the ImpVis website. You can then browse and sign up to existing projects looking for partners, or even propose your own.

Read all about how to get started in the following pages:

  1. Getting involved
  2. Our design and development process
  3. Opportunities to work together

Wiki structure

There are two main divisions within this Wiki:


Everything about the ImpVis project, such as how to get involved, instructions on how to use the ImpVis website, guidance on how to design visualisations and many tips on how to learn Javascript & HTML and get started on coding up your visualisation.

Project pages

'ReadMe'-style pages associated with specific visualisation projects, detailing the aim & learning outcomes, the visualisation design, its progress status and future work.

Alternatively, you can browse the categories in the section below to look for any specific topic you may be interested in.

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