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This is a template which you can use to help get you started on a Wiki for a new visualisation project - it serves as a dynamic 'ReadMe' file of your project. The template is just intended as a guide and you may modify the structure to suit your project (all template instructions are in italics and do not need to be saved in your own project page).

Note: if you are taking part in the I-Explore module, the submission template will be better suited to your needs.

When a new project is started, the 'Contributors' and 'Aims & Learning Outcomes' sections need to be filled out. Aim to include the rest of the information by the time the design is finalised. The page can be updated whenever the visualisation is updated - ensure to credit all contributors!

To create your own project page from this template, do the following:

  1. In a separate browser window / tab, create a new project page with the same title as your project. Ensure to assign your page to the category 'Project pages'. Read 'Making Wiki Pages' for detailed instructions of how to do this.
  2. Come back to this template and press 'Edit' at the top of the page.
  3. Select all the text on this page (not the title) and copy it.
  4. Click 'Read' at the top of this page (choose 'Discard edits' in the pop up window to avoid saving any accidental edits).
  5. Go to your browser window with your new project page and paste the text you copied.
  6. Make any edits you want on your own project page (e.g. entering your name as a contributor) and press the blue button 'Save page...' at the top right of your page.


  • Name and department of each person.
  • Student or staff partner?
  • How is/was each person involved?
  • What rough dates did they contribute?

Aims & Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the motivation for your visualisation.
  • Introduce the subject of your visualisation.
  • Which module and year is it intended for and which setting (lecture or self study)?
  • List learning outcomes. E.g.: "After using this visualisation, students should be able to explain that..."

Design Overview

  • Once the design is agreed, describe the final outcome, how it looks, how it functions etc.
  • Include graphics.

Design Justification

Optionally describe any notable decisions made for the design, e.g.

  • Educational design: breaking down of concepts (scaffolding)
  • How were accessibility issues considered?
  • How was space used effectively?
  • How is the design intuitive?
  • Choice of interactive element(s) that fit in organically with the visualisation [inspiration of choice might be from lecture/in-class activity or other sources] - Sliders/Buttons/Cursor (hover/click).

Progress and Future Work

  • Is the design finalised (i.e. agreed by all partners)?
  • If applicable, which pages have been uploaded to website?
  • Any ideas for future improvements.


  • Link to GitHub repository for code in development:
  • Link to visualisation on ImpVis website (when uploaded):
  • Link to Collection on ImpVis website (when created):
  • Any other links to resources (Miro boards / notes pages / Google Docs etc):